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the album leaf / lee's palace, toronto / november 9

I was just recently introduced to The Album Leaf and catching their live show only made me want to learn more. They have Boards of Canada-esque drum programming with Sigur Ros and Mum-like nostalgic elements, but then they also veer towards some indie pop that can be compared to Morr label's The Go Find. Why did it take me so long to learn about these San Diego guys? Watch a clip from the show here.

hammock / raising your voice...trying to stop an echo / darla

Gorgeous shoegazer ambient post-rock bliss. I'm in love. Thanks to my friend Ben for introducing me to this. Recommended.
hammock interview

marc houle / bay of figs / m_nus

Not my favourite, but I'm sure some of my blog vistors would be interested in hearing this. Restore is so much better.
pass: iRis

michael mayer / beats in space mix / october 24, 2006

01 Dj Koze / Stompin At The Clubfoot / Kompakt
02 Terre Thaemlitz / Fatt Jazz / Mule
03 Skatebard / Digitalo Enterprises
04 Kontrast / Grey Sky's / Kompakt
05 Fallout / The Morning After / Fourth Floor
06 Forgemasters / Stress / Network
07 Herve Au / The Closer / K2
08 Pantha du Prince / Lichten / Kompakt
09 Justus Kohncke / Faults & FX / Kompakt
10 Unknownmi X / The Siren (Losoul's Hot Edit) / Playhouse
11 Super Mayer / The Art Of Letting Go / Kompakt
12 Thomas Mayer / Sweet Harmony / Kompakt
13 Patrick Cowley / Sea

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